Get Them Out of Your Drawers

Tool Stands

I often use many different tools in the course of a project.  Having to find the right toolbox and drawer for these tools became a real pain.  So… I started grabbing scraps of wood and drilling holes and strapping tools to the sides.  The result was having many many tools accessible and easily moved to whatever bench I was working on.  The space-saving is amazing. Each tool has its own place, and the stands being close by make it easy to just put the tool right back after use.

Here I took a couple of pieces of scrap and made a trough. 

I then took some scrap leather (thick fabric should work as well) and stapled it over the sides of the tools I wanted. I didn’t feel the need to make anything fancy, just useful.

There’s also room for markers in the slot and rulers on the side. This would take up a lot of drawer space in several different places.

I also took a piece of plastic pipe and made a holder for my most used Dremel tools.  It’s a matter of having a place to put them that is easy to find. The chargers are over on my charging bench. There’s a magnet on the end of the stand to hold the little wrench.

I have screwdrivers I made and put different bits in for the project I’m working on. It is actually easier than changing the bits on just one.

Leather tools, brushes, and squeegees. Magnets on the ends of the stands let me temporarily keep things like scissors or a tool from elsewhere I might need.

I have many of these stands for just about every small tool I use on a regular basis.  Often I use a dozen different tools on a jewelry or craft project. I made Corian bases for several of them to keep them from falling over.

That’s a lot of tools taking up very little space. The application is nearly endless, so use your imagination….

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